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Book packaging is the process of taking an author’s manuscript and preparing it for printing. It  involves the following processes, in addition to what may be the most important function, managing the project:

Copy Editing—Careful attention to detail and editorial and publishing standards is essential to making a manual easy to read and understand. Siechert & Wood supplies the following copy editing functions:

  • Check for mechanical details, such as spelling, grammar, punctuation, subject-verb agreement, and appropriate word choice.
  • Check book organization and flow, ensuring terms are explained before they are used and steps are presented in the correct order.
  • Check for consistent terminology usage and parallel construction of headings and lists.
  • Check formatting for consistent use of templates and clear presentation of information.
  • Check consistency of figures and tables.

Technical Editing—Every manual needs thorough editing for technical accuracy of text and illustrations. Technical errors will irritate customers and drive up customer support costs. We provide technical experience combined with facilities equipped to perform the following technical editing functions:

  • Capture, edit, crop, and size screens.
  • Check that facts are correct.
  • Check that examples are correct and work as described.
  • "Keystroke" all instructions to be sure they work as described.
  • Check that labels and other text on screen images are correct.

Indexing—A good index is a very important part of a quality book. An index must be complete and accurate, and should be created with the user's point of view in mind. It’s not good enough to index the terms used in the book. Every term that a user might use must also be included.

Typesetting and Pre-press—Once all the text and artwork have been edited, they need to be assembled in one place in a form that the printer can use. That is the job of the typesetter and we routinely perform this function. Our typesetting capabilities are unsurpassed for high quality and fast production. The fully-computerized system allows last-minute product changes to be included in your documentation. We also have extensive experience in the printing world and can work with printers to handle last-minute glitches and ensure the timely delivery of the final product.

  • Typeset to meet graphic design standards.
  • Incorporate graphics.
  • Produce proofs for review.
  • Produce direct-to-plate image files in the correct format for your printer.


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