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Type of Document

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Use this matrix to choose between printed and on-line documents.
Type Pro Con
Print Tangible

Graphic design flexibility

Easier to read

Does not conflict with display of software

Presents corporate image

Useful before software is installed

Duplication expense

Production time

Can get lost

On Line Low duplication cost

Easily revised

Easy access

Can link to program


Must be installed to use

Access not apparent to all users

Some people prefer printed docs

Must be coordinated with software builds

Restricted "page" size.

Use this matrix to chose between different types of on-line documents.

Type Pro Con
HTML Cross-platform Printing entire book is problematic
WinHelp Integrates well with Windows platform.

Display engine on every Windows computer.

Limited graphic design flexibility
HTML Help Display engine on every Windows 98 computers Development tools are immature.

Requires IE 4.x

Adobe Acrobat
Easy for user to print—provides a solution for users that want a printed manual.

Great for circulating internal review copies

Compromise between print and on-screen presentations.

Requires a large display engine.

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