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Siechert & Wood Professional Documentation has been providing quality documentation for PC products since 1982. Over the years we have become known for quality, service, and timely delivery.

We write manuals about hardware and software products—how to use them and how to benefit from them. We provide well written text, supported by suitable graphics, that is appropriate for your target market.

We package books for major publishers. Our mix of editorial and technical skills allows us to produce well edited, technically correct books within tight schedules.

We create web sites. Our background in information presentation, graphic design, project management, and software development gives us the tools we need to create a successful web site for you.

We have an impressive client list. We have satisfied large corporations and small companies.

For additional information, you can reach Siechert & Wood at:
396 W. Washington Blvd., Suite 500
Pasadena, CA 91103
Phone: 1 626 797 5950
Fax: 1 626 797 7934
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What's New at Siechert & Wood?

Windows XP Inside Out

Microsoft Windows XP Inside Out is available! Along with coauthors Ed Bott and Craig Stinson, we've written a book that's intended to elevate experienced users of any earlier version of Windows into power users of Microsoft's new operating system for home and business. At nearly 1300 pages, this hefty tome packs lots of tips and inside information for making Windows XP hum. Windows XP is undoubtedly Microsoft's best operating system yet; it's definitely worth a look—and so is the book!

Our Latest Venture

Chris's machine shop hobby is starting to turn into a real business! Who knew there were so many people out there clamoring for parts and accessories for mini lathes and mini mills? Our newest sideline,, now occupies a large office in our suite--and much of Chris's and Cheryl's time. Check it out!

The premier source of parts of accessories for mini lathes and mini mills. 

Windows XP Web Chat

Ed Bott and Carl Siechert, coauthors of Microsoft Windows XP Inside Out, recently hosted a Web chat on TechNet about Windows XP. If you missed it, you can read the transcript, in which you'll discover that Carl didn't really attend either! Fortunately, a telephone conference and instant messaging session set up as contingency plans kept us all communicating, although it was a strange way to conduct a high-tech chat. Ain't technology great?!


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